Underground Storage Tank Investigation

The problem

The Perth Airport Estate (PAE) covers an area of approximately 2,100 ha. Both Perth Airport and its tenants have been using Underground Storage Tanks (UST) for the storage of hydrocarbons across the estate. These USTs form potential pollution hazards, but PAE wasn’t certain of all their locations, particularly the historical ones. This made it hard for future monitoring programs and construction activities to take into account risks associated with USTs.

Mercury’s contribution

Mercury undertook a historical review of documentation and aerial imagery to identify past and present UST locations. During a site investigation we collected location data for each UST into a geodatabase detailing:

  • Location
  • Operational status
  • Age
  • Type of product that was or is stored
  • Current operator /owner
  • Construction details of each UST, including backfill materials (where available)

We then completed an environmental risk assessment for each UST, linked it to the corporate risk register and provided a recommendation for further activities based on the risk ranking. This meant that the PAE knew the layout of its land and could plan safely for future developments.