Land Use Data Capture

The problem

BHP report land-use changes using two different systems, CAD for corporate reporting and GIS for regulatory reporting. Due to legacy data and processes, the information in these two systems ends up being significantly different. This results in inconsistencies in reporting to the regulator and to corporate and introduces significant internal inefficiencies at all reporting milestones. It also makes it difficult to monitor environmental changes across time and space.

Mercury’s contribution

Resolving the duplicate data entry and data quality issues Mercury Project Solutions developed an implementation approach aiming to establish the GIS system as the point of truth for disturbance and land-use data. To do this we had to:

  • Establish a consolidated baseline of land-use and disturbance data;
  • Monitor the implementation of a web-GIS based data capture tool; and,
  • Review and re-engineer the business processes involved in land-use data capture to establish a standardised approach to the required level of data accuracy, data quality and general reporting.