GIS Strategy

The problem

Whitehorse City Council needed a refreshed GIS strategy to better align with its overall strategic objectives. One to align with their culture, support business services and business process improvement; one to deliver business outcomes and value, and integrate technology, data, people, processes and business capability.

Mercury’s contribution

Engaging with the council’s entire customer base — through a user questionnaire, interviews and multiple workshops — Mercury Project Solutions developed a new GIS strategy for Whitehorse.

The strategy presents a roadmap to evolve the council’s current GIS function from being product and technology-centric to becoming a more business and people-centric solution-oriented system. Through a renewed focus on users, business value and business process improvement, the GIS function will greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the council’s services to ratepayers.

Whitehorse City Council were eager to cultivate adoption of the GIS strategy, its success has been measured through multiple channels, and it has amplified the council’s internal team cooperation as well as the ratepayers’ experience with interactions with council employees.