Digital Auckland Business Case

The problem

A business case was required to investigate how to establish the Digital Auckland Programme and its associated resources and funding.

This investment would:

  • Create a Digital Auckland Programme to provide guidance, integration and coordination to stakeholders on specific digital and data infrastructure and digital tool development activities;
  • Leverage and augment existing projects and initiatives and broker access to data and information from a wide range of sources, and;
  • Provide a thin integration and coordination function that joins current systems together across the council group.

Mercury’s contribution

Mercury Project Solutions, in partnership with Hunter Group New Zealand, ran a compressed (eight week) project to confirm the drivers for investment, define and analyse the vision and options for a Digital Auckland, and then established a three-year program of work, with associated costs and quantified benefits analysis.

Digital Auckland was assessed to achieve a Return on Investment of at least 2.0 in tangible benefits, and the program was approved for implementation.