Cadastral Realignment

The problem

Since 1992 the Water Corporation has maintained its own version of the cadastre and used it to manage the position of its assets such as the water, sewer, drainage and irrigation networks. Both the cadastre and the asset information are maintained in the WC’s Facilities Mapping System, which contains several million objects.

Over time the WC’s cadastral dataset has become misaligned with the Western Australia’s official cadastral dataset, managed by Landgate. This has impacted the WC’s ability to share information about infrastructure with other government agencies, engineering consultants and their own alliance contractors. The main concerns are that:

  • stakeholders have significant difficulties in determining accurate locations of assets; and
  • the Water Corporation is unable to efficiently use customer data as it is derived from more accurate versions of the cadastre.

Mercury’s contribution

There are approximately 20 million data points in the Western Australian cadastre. Migrating the WC’s assets to the latest version of cadastral coordinates Mercury Project Solutions began by designing an incremental 12-month implementation plan with 10 production releases. Essential to this project was change management as well as communication with, and endorsement by stakeholders, so that those who would be using the new system understood the implications of the new system on locating the WC’s assets. The project was a great success with the WC’s customers, alliance contractors and other stakeholders finding the new asset management system reliable, accurate and easy to use.