Asset Management Information System

The problem

The West Australian Department of Education has a significant asset base with a building replacement value of approximately $8 billion providing for more than 800 schools and support facilities. There are over 4,500 permanent buildings and 3,000 transportable buildings located across the state. The associated information and detail on the building assets is currently collected by a large number of individual organisational entities as well as external parties (e.g. contractors) and the department finds it very difficult to effectively and efficiently manage its land and building assets, including construction and maintenance as well as allocation and control of funds. It, therefore, required a strategy for an asset management information system as a single source of truth for all building related information.

Mercury’s contribution

Mercury Project Solutions defined a strategy including the roadmap and plan for the department to progress a structured approach to implement a comprehensive Asset Management Information System (AMIS).

Mercury led a large number of user requirements workshops and one-on-one interviews, capturing the functional and non-functional user requirements for an AMIS. We then developed an implementation plan that considered two options: implementation via the Department of Treasury’s Building Management and Works (BMW) department as a whole of government initiative and – as an alternative – the implementation by the Department of Education independent of BMW.