Maurits van der Vlugt

Director, Location Solutions

Maurits was doing GIS subjects before they were formally offered at his university, so he has always been a step ahead in this game — just one reason why he is a leading authority in location information in Australia. Maurits consults across government and the private sector delivering strategic location-intelligence solutions and spends time volunteering with GeoRabble, Locate Conferences Australia and mentoring young professionals to give a voice to emerging trends and topics. These experiences, which span the globe, ensure Maurits clients receive fiercley independent and cutting-edge strategy advice.

His areas of interest and expertise extend into Location Based Services, Emergency Management, Open Data and Social Media. Signature clients include the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, BHP Billiton-Iron Ore, the WA Water Corporation, the federal Department of Communications, Bureau of Meteorology, Insurance Australia Group, and Land Information New Zealand.

He has delivered numerous conference and business presentations, and published many journal and magazine articles. Maurits has authored numerous articles and award-winning presentations, taught “Customising GIS for the Web” at the University of Redlands (USA) and held “Ignite” talks in Australia and the USA.

+61 (0) 400 188 267